Six Seconds at the United Nations

Watch the first Emotional Intelligence Conference that took place on May 17 2019 at the United Nation HERE.

Read about this incredible event HERE to know more about speakers (Patty Freedman and Daniel Goleman among others) and their speeches.


How can emotional intelligence empower the Sustainable Development Goals?

Patty Freedman leads POP-UP Festival which is the largest emotional intelligence program in the world, focused on SDG #3, Good Health & Wellbeing, as well as Education, Equity, and many other SDGs.

In partnership with UNICEF, this free program will reach 1.5 million children & adults in 174 countries via over 10,000 volunteers from The Emotional Intelligence Network.

See to join us!

Patty's talk also introduces how Six Seconds supports social emotional learning through a systems approach (see and a beautiful example with the Wangari Maathai Foundation in Kenya, growing leaders for the future of the planet (see