Roles in the Six Seconds Network

We are a community practicing EQ in a way that invites and supports others to practice... working toward a world where a billion people are practicing emotional intelligence.

There are many ways to be part of this community, and everyone is invited to apply the principles that make this community work and practice EQ together.

In addition, as shown on the Join the Community web page, there are some specific roles available, plus...

EQ Fan
Indulge in our free + fabulous offerings. Immerse yourself in the rich world of EQ

Network Leader
Be the center of your EQ community by facilitating EQ learning experiences

Go Pro
Take EQ to the next level; share your expertise with clients + the world.

Preferred Partner
Integrate Six Seconds' tools & methods with your organization's expertise to build something new.

EQ Ambassadors & Advisory Board
We invite very active members of our community to become advocates building new alliances as EQ Ambassadors

Six Seconds Staff
The staff is very small as we are a network – in the rare instances when we need to hire Program Managers, Coaches, Master Trainers, or Regional Directors, we seek people from the network who are already active.