ICF Accreditations & Business Partner

Six Seconds is an ICF Business Partner and has ICF accredited continuing education courses as well as an ICF accredited coach certification program.

Continuing Coaching Education (CCE)

For certified coaches to continue their professional development

Unlocking EQ (UEQ) 6 ACSTH, 6 CCEUs 

EQ Assessor (EQAC) 18 ACSTH, 18 CCEUs 

EQ Practitioner (EQPC) 25 ACSTH, 25 CCEUs 

Since the above three courses are part of EQCC ICF accredited program, they can be found HERE.

Vital Signs Cert 22.50 hours (13 Core Competencies, 9.5 Resource Development)

Intelligenza Emotiva PracticaMente  15.5 hours (5 Core Competencies, 10 Resource Development)

Approved Coach Training Program (ACTP)
Allowing Six Seconds to accredit graduates as ICF Associate or Professional Certified Coaches

EQCC / EQ Coach Certification (165 hours)

Coaching Equity Essentials 32 hours (26 Core Competencies, 6 Resource Development)

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