Message Guidelines


In order to connect better to the people Six Seconds is hoping to reach, we have developed a series of communications best-practices and a portfolio of messages to help you create effective communications based on the mission and goals of the Six Seconds Global EQ Network nonprofit. Messages and imagery should project a professional and credible organization backed by data and an exemplary track record of successes, while balancing the human, personal element that is at the heart of the organization’s work; emotions.

Talking about Six Seconds

How to refer to the organization in writing:

Six Seconds: The Emotional Intelligence Network

Six Seconds

When referring to the website:

Messages to Use 

Intro to Six Seconds

Six Seconds is a community of changemakers contributing to a world of insight, connection, and purpose. 

We think the world would be a better place if a billion people were practicing the skills of emotional intelligence (EQ). So, we research and share scientific, global, transformational tools & methods to support that goal.

With offices and representatives in 25 countries and members in 167 countries, our community extends the globe. From schools where children love to learn, to corporations where people thrive, to programs rebuilding lives, Six Seconds’ solutions are life-changing – and empower people to take ownership of a positive future.


Elevator Pitch: Given all the stress around, we think the world would be a better place if more people practiced emotional intelligence. Do you agree? Six Seconds is the first and largest organization 100% dedicated to the development of emotional intelligence; we’ve developed a wide range of tools to do that -- used in over 125 countries. We are working toward a vision of 1 billion people practicing emotional intelligence -- would you like to be part of it?

Brand Promise: To increase insight, connection, and purpose, we’ve developed transformational, globally relevant, and scientific tools and methods.   

Brand Personality: Engaged and engaging, data-driven, supportive, emotionally intelligent.

Brand Proof Points:

  • Six Seconds' solutions are used by large entities such as HSBC, FedEx, the US Navy, Emaar, Lenovo… by schools and community organizations… and by individuals around the globe.
  • From our start in 1997 through 2018, our network has supported over four million people to practice EQ.
  • Six Seconds publishes research and dozens of case studies showing how these practical tools and methods increase value. See
  • We were the first global nonprofit dedicated to growing emotional intelligence, and by far the largest – last year we had people using these tools and methods in over 150 countries, and we have certified professionals all over the world – see

Products & Services: Six Seconds researches and shares effective practice to increase value with emotional intelligence. We share the methods and tools through articles, books, learning resources, webinars & events – as well as 9 validated assessment tools and an extensive range of certification trainings to build world-class experts.

Three basic principles should guide the messages and writing:

  1. Showing Six Seconds is creating positive change by increasing emotional intelligence.

  2. Connecting with audiences emotionally. Research shows people respond more positively when messages are focused on personal experiences and aspirations and noble goals.

  3. Being perceived as the caring, trustworthy organization we are with a proven track record of successes based on data and science. The overall goal of 1 Billion people practicing EQ should be included in most communications.

  • MAKE THE MESSAGE PERSONAL To create an emotional connection

  • MAKE THE MESSAGE SPECIFIC To ensure the desired action or request is clear

  • MAKE THE MESSAGE ACTIONABLE To solicit an action or request that is achievable

  • MAKE THE MESSAGE INCLUDE A WHY, NOT JUST A WHAT To communicate the brand

Examples of Targeted Messages:

Coaches & trainers already familiar somewhat with EQ:

You're committed to emotional intelligence. Six Seconds equips you to make it practical and powerful as we work together toward a billion people practicing these life-changing skills.

Educators not familiar with EQ:

What are the essential skills students need to navigate the complexities of life today so they can fully engage in learning? Research shows that by developing emotional intelligence (or "EQ"), learners are more successful – academically and in life. Social and emotional learning (SEL) is the process to develop these essential EQ skills, such as self-awareness, empathy, and intrinsic motivation.

Business leader unfamiliar with EQ:

High performing orgs from HSBC to IBM to the US Marine Corps equip their leaders to be more effective with the people-side of their job. Research shows that the essential skills of "emotional intelligence" or "EQ" are learnable, measurable, and invaluable for building highly engaged teams, trustworthy relationships, and a culture of innovation. Six Seconds is the world leader in researching "what works" to create value with emotional intelligence, and provides practical resources to do so.