The Six Seconds' Grant Program

Part of Six Seconds’ nonprofit mission is to help all people in the world gain the benefits of emotional intelligence.  To support an evidence-based approach, we are pleased to offer grant opportunities for the use of our tools to assist in practical and academic research.

We evaluate grant requests based on the following CRITERIA:

Social value: To what extent will the project create positive change in the world?

Awareness value: To what extent will this project help spread awareness of the importance of emotional intelligence and social emotional learning?

Research value: To what extent will this project advance Six Seconds’ scientific research goals?

Support: To what extent is this project supported by others (e.g., school or institution) to increase the likelihood of project effectiveness?

Need: How extensive are the project’s needs, and to what degree are we capable of meeting these needs?

Grants may include some of these components:

  • Credits for using the SEI, the SEI-YV, SEI360, OVS, EVS, TVS, LVS assessments.
  • Consulting to support effective implementation (after Grant approval).
  • Statistical elaboration (spreadsheet with individual results). Statistical analysis in charge of grantee.

We only give grants to projects where the researcher is committed to sharing the results of the research.  A condition for receiving a grant is a firm promise to provide regular updates (Quarterly Reports) on the project, and to write an article for submission to with your findings. Six Seconds also encourages Publications on peer reviews. Do not apply if you are not going to make this commitment.

Our usual policy is to offer grants for use of the assessments. Depending on the project needs, grantees will usually need to pay for the cost of any group reports and any out-of-pocket costs for Six Seconds to support the project.

Please be aware that the Grant Program supports Research and is not intended to covering normal project expenses. The whole intervention by the grantee will have to be done free of charge. The grantee cannot be paid for debriefing participants on the assessments/tools.

To apply for a grant, fill in the Grant-Application-Six-Seconds.docx and send it to


1. Project summary including the goal, the research question, the participants (who will be included and number)
2. Study design (if for a research project) including hypothesis, intervention, pre and post assessments, study and control groups, etc.
3. Need – ie, what are you requesting (number of assessments/tools, number of people needing certification, etc. Will you be paying for part of the cost or are you only able to do this project if all this need is met by Six Seconds?)
4. Background including bullet point answers to the criteria above

5. IRB and District approval for educational institutions and Organizational approval for business corporations.

We will evaluate grant requests monthly. Upon submitting a request you will receive confirmation that we have received your application. The Grant request will be then: approved – rejected – pending with need of integration within 30 days from application receipt.

As part of our grant process, we require Quarterly Reports and commitment to provide us with a final case study. We expect grantees will publish on the Six Seconds’ website and in journals, and will deliver a webinar or conference presentation highlighting your work and Six Seconds’ tools.

For questions, please contact our Program Manager, Ilaria Boffa

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