The Six Seconds' Certification Pathways

To grow world-class expertise in creating value with EQ, Six Seconds offers an extensive range of certification programs.

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Six Seconds' certifications lead to three advanced credentials:

Certified EQ Facilitator (building EQ capacity through learning & development / education with groups)

Certified EQ Coach (applying EQ in 1-1 partnership with clients toward their solutions)

Certified EQ Consultant (transforming business, education & others to be vital organizations)

Certified EQ Educator and SEL Specialist (equipping educators and consultants to integrate SEL in schools)

Certification Programs

All certifications start with "Unlocking EQ" as the essential foundation and pre-requisite, then, professionals can continue to develop through:

SPECIALTIES provide specific solutions, including

  • Brain Profiler Certification
  • Vital Signs Certification
  • EQ Insights for People Management Certification
  • Certified Coach Foundations

 CORE builds capability with Six Seconds' methods & tools

  • EQ Practitioner Certification
  • EQ Assessor Certification

INTEGRATIONS support professionals to synthesize and apply the learning in key areas, including

  • Facilitation Integration
  • Coach Integration

ADVANCED certifications bring depth of expertise in the methodology while earning professional designations:

  • Certified EQ Facilitator
  • Certified EQ Coach
  • Certified EQ Consultant

MASTER CLASS supports leaders in the Six Seconds community toward mastery in these transformational tools & methods

Our upcoming Certifications here: