Let's Pop Up Festival!

Watch the video below to have a taste of Pop up Festivals!

Pop Up Festivals for a Sustainable Future

POP-UP Festival

the world’s largest EQ event

In partnership with UNICEF World Children’s Day, POP-UP Festival engages a worldwide community of volunteers to hold fun learning experiences with a delightful activity kit about emotions, wellbeing and children’s rights.

We started with two simple ideas: 
Emotions can be a source of positive energy and insight.
Children learn through play.

POP-UP Festivals are joyful events where playing and learning about emotions brings people together.

In this playful context, when children and adults begin to talk about their feelings around the important topics of wellbeing and children’s rights, something remarkable unfolds. The activities open up whole new spaces for them to deepen relationships and build trust.  Children are eager for new words to express themselves and increase their emotional literacy. Adults love sharing moments of honesty and insights with their children. Teachers are delighted by the parent support for POP-UPs.

Perhaps that’s why the volunteers gave a huge 97% approval rating when we asked if they’ll do POP-UP again. Here are some images and stories of these gorgeous celebrations.  

Read about Pop up Festivals and SDGs, Sustainable Development Goals HERE

And at the following link, you're very welcome to download and use the Six Seconds Mini Pop up Boxes .

These kits can always be run (smile)  you do not need to wait for next November (wink) 

Join the Campaign! Remember, we run Pop Up Festival during the whole month of November each year to celebrate Children's Day (Nov. 20th).  

Contact us! maria.jackson@6seconds.org 

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